Happy environment

Play way method ensures development of motor skills, social skills and imaginative thinking. Excellent teacher-child ratio of 1:9, helps children feel secure and at the same time encourages them to be independent.
Colorful class decor, rhymes, worksheets & homework books prepare children for formal schooling in an interesting and stimulating way.

Active learning

Easy access of books to flip through, help develop the love for reading in our young ones. We have various colorful encyclopedias besides Time Life and other many more wonderful titles. Audio-Visuals form a very important part of education today and so we at KIDS’ CONCEPT have not only kept the above in mind but have incorporated the use of music projection and computers to compliment and enhance our concepts.

Creative Lessons

To ensure physical development, we indulge our kids in weekly dance and yoga classes. A sight reading programme called L.B.T. (Little Book Talks) and Theme Talk program for Nursery and Pre Nursery enhances their cognitive skills.


In our space starved city, our sprawling place with lively ambiance and colorful LITTLE TIKES toys ensure children settle down faster.

Welcome to

Kids’ Concept

Dear Parents,
Your little child has grown beyond your lap and now learnt to walk. We at KIDS’ CONCEPT are waiting to welcome your little ones with open arms. We well understand your anxiety to give the best to your child and so here are a few tips to help you know us better.

From birth to 6 years are a child’s formative years, and experiences in these years is what he carries with him for the rest of his life.

Why Kids’ Concept ?

Our sprawling place with lively ambiance and colourful Little Tike Toys ensures that children quickly settle down in to this child friendly atmosphere.

The development of motor skills, Social skills and Imaginative thinking are the most important steppingstones in the child’s early life. Nature study, lots of color-play, messing with dough, go a long way helping the child explore. KIDS’ CONCEPT makes the child ready to read and write.

And finally to put young parents at ease we do like to inform you that we follow the traditional method during the settling period and so we request them to co-operate for the same.



Whats So Special About Us?

To gently wean a child away from the protective circle of parents a playschool plays an important role. Here, using free play method, a child is introduced to carious concepts which later form the basis for their higher education, besides generating an interest and curiosity in their minds.

Physical development

Language Development

General Knowledge

Readiness For Formal Learning

Social Interaction

Aesthetic Skills Development

Our Programmes

News & Events

Dear Parents,

  • Little Book Talk will conduct the Reading Program based on Phonics & Sight words to enhance the reading skills at a very young age.
  • Writing technique is based on Montessori methods.
  • Fun activities are included to boost the gross motor skills.

Children from the age group of 3 to 6 years are eligible.
For students of Grade 2 & 3, the Language Development programme will be conducted. This includes grammar, comprehension (passage/poem), creative writing, composition etc.

Venue: Kids’ Concept- Khar West
Duration-  1 hr class once a week
Day – Friday
All materials shall be provided.
Student / Teacher ratio- 10:1

Kindly confirm the seats by sending your child’s name and contact number to Ms Geeta Mathew 9821591828/ 9769570089

Thank you.

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